Schloss Purschenstein Hotel GmbH - Neuhausen, Saxony, 09544, Germany


Castle Purschenstein is one of the oldest castles in Saxony. It is located in the romantic Flöha Valley, on the old Bohemian pass. This was also the route of the old salt road which led from Halle to Prague.

The castle is first mentioned in historical records as the ́Castrum Borsensteyn ́, but it was probably built in 1200 by the Bohemian knight Borso II. The name Castle Purschenstein is derived from his name.

In 1253, the Castrum was owned by the Margrave of Meissen.

In 1299, it was in the possession of the Bohemians.

In 1307, it was back in the hands of the Margrave of Meissen.

In 1324, Mr Bergamini became the owner of Schloss Purschenstein.

In 1351, it was part of the estate of the Viscount of Meissen.

From 1352 to 1389, Peter von Schönberg was lord of Sayda, and his estate included Purschenstein and Pfaffroda.

In 1426, this lordship went to the House of Wettin.

In 1429, Sigfrid von Schönberg took ownership.

Until 1945, Schloss Purschenstein and the lordship remained in the von Schönberg family.

In 1945, the last family owner was Georg von Schönberg.

After 1945 the estate of the von Schönberg family was transferred to a foundation. Some of the inventory can still be seen in Castle Nossen.

From 1951 to 1955, Schloss Purschenstein was used as a children's home.

Until 1989, it was used as a cultural centre.

On 3 April 1989, large sections of the castle burned to the ground.

Between 1990 and 2001, the castle was partially renovated and a restaurant, motorcycle museum and licensed wedding room were created.

In 2005, the castle was purchased by the dutch Praagman family, who transformed Schloss Purschenstein into one of the most beautiful castles in the Ore Mountains.

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